5th of Nuzyael, 720 Part 3

Part 3

5th of Nuzyael, 720 Part 3

After the service, the crowd is dismissed to the Great Hall. Those wanting to be heard in confession wait outside of the chapel in the hall as they are called one by one back into the chapel to confess. Matakea Narrath gives penance and sends them on their way to rejoin the others gathered in the Great Hall where Sir Shernath has had his servants prepare a feast for the noonday meal.

During the feast, Sir Shernath speaks to his gathered nobles and talks about the prospects for a good year ahead. He asks who will be attending his own court the following day. Several of the nobles say that they plan to attend. After the meal is finished, more drink is served as the plates are cleared by servants. Sir Shernath asks if anyone not attending tomorrows court has any business with him before the close the meal.

Sir Mykal Erwyne, Lord of Meninast is the only noble to speak. Sir Mykel is the Lord of Merninast, which is a smaller village on lands belonging to Sir Mykal’s Liege, Sir Terris Doulzan, Lord of Novelim.

Sir Shernath welcomes Sir Mykal, saying it is an unusual but very welcome sight to see him at his Keep. Sir Mykal usually attends Laranian services at Sir Terris Manor at Novelim. He also says that he hopes that Sir Mykal will have a better year this year and that he will not have to support his other village of Gemheldon.

Sir Mykal apologizes again for the necessity of Sir Shernath’s assistance and thanks him for his latest shipment of food to help the village of Gemheldon to make it through the winter. He says that he suspects he should be able to do better this year although he is worried about a sickness that threatens his cattle herd there. It appears to have started in a flock of sheep and spread to the herd. He asks if Sir Shernath would consider sending someone more skilled in animal husbandry than what he currently has access to, to see what could be done. Sir Shernath is troubled as the cattle from Gemheldon are relied upon and the lack of yield this past year put a strain on the hundred. Luckily, Sir Shernath was able to make up the shortage when sending his own obligation to his liege, the Earl of Balim.

No other nobles ask for audience. Conversation turns to events of the hundred. They are as follows:
- The murder of the local peasant girl Felyss by the circus folk. News of the murder has spread across the hundred. Villagers are awaiting news of when and if the circus will continue with its show. If anything, the news of the tragedy has made people anxious to see the show.
- Worries of raids from the Kath tribes across the Kald are expressed. The new Baliff of Chewintin (& Keldkith), Sir Krisagon Lartyne was appointed by the Earl of Balim after Sir Shernath petitioned the earl for the removal of his predecessor. Sir Krisagon arrived just as winter set in three months ago and his arrival coincided with a raid from the local Kath warlord known as Calid. Sir Krisagon, much to the misfortune of Calid, is a self-made man, having spent twenty years working as a mercenary protecting caravans along the Silver Way. He brought 14 of his retainers along with him to Chewintin when he arrived. Ten of the men are all older soldiers with plans to retire. Sir Krisagon promised them 25 acres each as part of his plan to expand the manor’s demense. Each man was chosen due to their farming experience, loyalty, and toughness. The Kath were caught and quickly put down, forced to retreat back across the river. Sir Krisagon has yet to visit Sir Shernath or make a trip to Jedes. Sir Shernath plans on sending a patrol there soon to check on the village.
- There is talk that the Earl of Balim wants to build a bridge at Jedes across the Kald River and then to build a road through the forest, eventually linking up with the Salt Route. This would bring a lot of money into the hundred if it were to happen. The forest across the river however is crawling with tribes of Kath warbands. The area is known as the Kathan hills. The King of Kaldor sends a token mounted patrol through the region annually so as to be able to continue and lay claim to the territory, and that patrol always meets with an extremely hostile reception by the Kath. There are an unknown number of tribes living there.
- Sir Hendrik, Lord of Tamorlan, and the eldest brother to Lady Jenya, the wife of Sir Shernath, is enjoying seeing his sister this Soratir. He also asks Armolarin Straken of Ornet (the Sergeant-at-arms for the Keep) if he knows if a local peddler named Tarwal of Arcyen made it to the Jedes market yesterday. The peddler was in Tamorlan on the villages last market day and was camped on their green. The peddler disappeared but his few belongings were left on the green. It is unlikely that he simply left them there, but if he did, Jedes would have been the most likely place he would have turned up next at. Armolarin Straken tells him he does not know but will follow up with his guards and the village Beadle and will then send word to Sir Hendrik with what he finds out.

The gathering in the Hall continues throughout the rest of the day and into the evening. The new guards continue to rotate through their shifts. Armolarin Straken asks the new guards to follow up on the request of Sir Hendrik, but no one in Jedes remembers seeing the peddler Tarwal of Arcyen yesterday. It is reasonably certain he did not attend.

As night falls in Jedes the heavy rains turn to a lighter, but still constant, downpour. The evening meal is not as elaborate as the lunch time dinner, but it is still a better meal than normal due to the guests staying the night in the Keep. After the supper meal, the Great Hall is cleared of servants as the visiting nobles prepare to bed down.



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