6th of Nuzyael

6th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

Cool and cloudy with winds from the Southwest. Rain showers throughout the day. Winds gusting above 55 mph in the early morning and late night hours.

- Sir Shernath holds court. The nobles that attended the Laranian service the previous day are present.
- Most business presented to the Constable relates to the planting season that is now in full swing. These issues are largely logistical and most are referred to Sir Callam Mirdarne (the oldest son of the constable’s brother, Sir Osric, captain of the Jedes guard) who is the Constable’s Steward (responsible for administrating the revenue activities from the surrounding manors with the Keep), and Sir Tamys Poulty (the youngest brother of Lady Jenya), the Constable’s Chamberlain (responsible for the day to day operation of the royal household).
- Sir Shernath informs the court that due to the potential trouble with sickness in the herd at the village of Gemheldon, he directs his vassals to take necessary measures to compensate as part of their obligation this year.
- The two accused murders of the peasant girl are tried. The circus master presents a defense but the pair are convicted and found guilty and sentenced to hang.
- The circus master requests appeal to the Sheriff of Oselshire (the current Sheriff of Oselshire is a vacant office since the death of Sir Merik Elendsa, brother to the king. The king has yet to determine a successor, and so the Bailiff of Daynora Hundred, Sir Kodar Maradyne, is the acting deputy sheriff.
- The seat of the Sheriff of Oselshire is located at the Keep, Hutop.
- Sir Shernath has no choice but to allow the petition to be heard to go forward and so he orders the pair held until word from Sir Maradyne is received.
- The Constable also orders the circus master responsible for Wergild to the family, the sum of three years production. He clearly is sending a message to the circus master about what he thinks of his appeal.



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