Gorrys of Lunn


Who am I?
You are Gorrys of Clan Lunn. You will be twenty-one years old this year. You could have been a hideworker, like your father, but the outdoor life called to you. You have been following your Uncle Barth into the woods since your early teens, and have been taught to hunt, track and trap by him.

Who are my family?
Your father is Halyr of Lunn, Master Hideworker of the village of Yalen. He tans hides and makes shoes, boots, and leather clothing. Your father made most of what you wear. Your mother is Lelyn. You have two sisters. Tarissa is nearly nineteen and bethrothed to the woodcrafter’s apprentice. Mysha is seventeen, pretty, and shy. You also have two brothers. Rayal is fifteen, unlike you, he wanted to follow your father’s profession, he has already left home. As is customary, he has been apprenticed to another hideworker, in the village of Bory. Your youngest brother is Takaryn, he is only seven.

Clann Lunn

Barth (m) (Clanhead) Brother of Halyr (m)
Halyr (m) Father Lelyn (f) Mother
Gorrys (m) 20 Tarissa (f) 18 Mysha (f) 17 Rayal (m) 15 Takaryn (m) 7

Where am I from?
You were born and raised in Yalen, in the Hundred of Asolade, in the Shire of Osel, in the Kingdom of Kaldor. Yalen is a small village of only sixteen households, plus the nobles up at the manor. Yalen lies on the southern bank of the mighty river Kald. It is a short (30 minute) walk to the town of Jedes. Your family is one of four free families in the village; the others are the woodcrafter, and two yeomen. The remaining residents are peasant farmers; good folk in the main, but tied to the land. The Lord of Yalen Manor is now Sir Alarn Orteyan. He inherited the fief over the winter, on the death of his father, Sir Darnard. You grew up in the village and know everyone by name.

Who are my friends?
You’ve been friends with Lysha of Rykath since you were both children. Like you, she’s the eldest of five children. Lysha is blond haired and blue eyed and is a few months older than you. Her father is a yeoman; he provides military service to the Lord of Yalen in return for his land. He serves as an archer, using the short forest bow common across the hundred. Lysha has always been a tomboy. Her father thought that she’d grow out of playing yeoman, but she didn’t.

Lysha has had a scar across her left cheek since she was fifteen. She set off a trap in the woods that flung a sharp flint when triggered; it narrowly missed her eye. Your guilty secret is that you set the trap, though simply as practice, you did not intend to hurt anyone. Fortunately, she doesn’t know that you’re responsible for her scar.

While out setting snares over the winter you fell into the Kald; you misjudged the edge of the river in the snow.

Kalas of Delsin, a yeoman from Novelim (the manor of Sir Alarn’s liege, about one league downstream) hauled you out. Wet, freezing, and caught in the middle of a fierce blizzarrd; he probably saved your life. Kalas and the Peonian Priestess he was escorting, Ryssi of Chert, brought you home. Both Kalas and you spent a month in your father’s house, recuperating. Ryssi and the old monk Flamnal, who is now the village priest gave you both healing herbs & infusions. you are indebted to the Church for their assistance.

What can I do?
Over the years you have picked up some skills from your father, you can skin and tan hides, and can sew. But you have learnt most from your uncle. You can forage for food. You know the tracks and spoor of local animals, deer, bear, boar, badger, fox, and the like. You can set snares and traps for rabbits, hares, and other small game. You have a little knowledge of local herbs and can make shelter and fire in the woods and forests. You can make and fletch arrows. You are young, fit, and strong willed.

What do I own?
You own the clothes that you’re wearing: a homespun woolen shirt and leather trousers, calf boots, gauntlets, coat and cowl. Your leather clothing was provided by your father, your gauntlets are pigskin, made from the skin of a young wild boar that you killed. The remaining leather garments are all leather from the local cattle.

You own a dagger, a short bow, a 6’ spear and a box quiver containing twenty arrows. You have three rabbits, caught, skinned and gutted last night. The flesh and fur can be bartered. A leather pouch tied to your belt contains your monetary wealth, one silver penny, it also contains a flint and steel. A rough canvas sack contains spare clothes, a second shirt and a pair of wool trousers.

Where am I going?
You helped your uncle for many years. He acted as huntsman and beater for Sir Danard Orteyan. Unfortunately, Sir Danard died over the winter, despite the ministrations of Ryssi of Chert. Shortly after his death, Sir Danard’s son, Sir Alarn summoned both you and your uncle to the manor to tell you that he no longer required your services. Your uncle has since found work in Yeashim, but Sir Yenin Ercamber, the Lord of Yeashim wanted only one hunter. A discussion with your father and uncle has resulted in you leaving Yalen to walk to Jedes, it is the largest settlement for many leagues. There is a market in Jedes four times each month. The next one is tomorrow. It is possible that Kalas, Lysha and Kalas’ friend Harlin will go with you to find work.

Asolade Hundred

Asolade Hundred lies in the south-western corner of the Kingdom of Kaldor. The Kald River forms the north eastern boundry, the Osel river, the southern boundry. The western part of the hundred is mostly flat and fertile farmland, although low hills separate the farmland along the Kald from the Osel river valley. Almost all of the population live and work in this half of the hundred. The twenty-two settlements are mostly manorial villages, similar to your own home village. The largest settlement is Jedes, with its tall and imposing keep. There is a monastary to the south, Bromeleon. Bromeleon is the home of the shrine to St. Bromel and contains a large hosptial. The monks also maintain a leper colony nearby. There are two mining settlements in the hills: one, Orofal, mines copper, the other, Tasinald, is a lead mine. The eastern part of the hundred is heavily forested and sparsely populated.

Across the Kald river to the north dwells the Kath, fiercely territorial forest dwelling nomads. To the north-east lies most of civilized Kaldor. The roads are poor and can be dangerous, but all roads lead to Tashal, the capital, a great city where wise old King Miginath rules. To the east lies Daynora Hundred and Hutop Keep, home of the Sheriff of Osel, keeper of the King’s peace. To the south lies the Oselmarch, and the lands of the Pagaelin, fierce and ruthless barbarians, eaters of children. Everyone knows the stories of their cruelty. To the west lie the forests of Evael, home of the elves. A mysterious people, they are a legend across much of Harn. Everyone in Asolade knows someone who knows someone who has seen an elf, but no-one can give a good description.

The manor lords hold court irregularly, they deal with disputes between the serfs in their village. Most of the manor lords owe fealty to Earl Dariune, a mighty lord who lives in a huge castle in far off Kiban. A constable, Sir Shernath Mirdarne, rules Jedes on behalf of the Earl. The constable is a powerful man, able to call upon dozens of knights and men-at-arms. As Earl Dariune’s representative in the Hundred, he can hold court over his vassals. Sir Shernath has the reputation of being honest and fair in his judgements. Most locals will turn to the vassal’s court rather than take royal justice.

The representative of Royal Justice within the hundred is the Baliff of the Hundred, Sir Arrys Maradyne. The hundred court is held in the hundred moot village of Asolade, after which the hundred is named.

Most people, including you, worship gentle Peoni, goddess of healing and agriculture. Almost every village has a chapel to the goddess. Her services take place on the 4th, 12th, 20th & 28th of each month. You usually attend the service.

The nobles worship Larani, goddess of the feudal ideal. She is regarded by many as the protector of Peoni.

You know a little of any other gods:
Halea is teh wanton goddess of profit, pleasure and luck, worshiped by some merchants and city dwellers. Ilvir is the mystic & craven lord. A god of the old ways and old times. Morgath, Naveh and Agrik are the dark gods. All are evil, following them will damn your eternal soul.

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