5th of Nuzyael, 720 Part 2
Part 2

5th of Nuzyael, 720 Part 2

After breakfast, the new guards are given their guard shift rotations by Straken. Each guard is given a one hour shift on the common where the circus is camped. The watch shift has been shortened due to the cold rain. The morning shift is miserable, but not only because of the cold and rain, but because of the solemn procession of the funeral of the serf girl Felyss. The circus folk talk quietly to themselves after the procession passes. They seem to be upset that two of their own have been blamed for the murder.

Later in the morning, and back at the Keep, visitors begin to arrive. The new guards are told to meet the arrivals in the courtyard and take their riding horses into the stables. With the two light horse Manus being dispatched to Hutop, there is plenty of room in the stables. The riders appear to be nobles judging by the manner of their dress, even if they are soaked to the bone.

Each rider is accompanied two or three men, also on horseback. These horses also carry bundled packs strapped behind their saddles. The men pull the bundles from the horses before allowing them to be taken into the stables.

For those guards inside of the Keep and not on duty, they see the Keep come to life inside of the Great Hall. Nearly fifty souls mingle about in the hall, exchanging greetings and pleasantries. One of the other guards explains to you that Jedes Keep has the only chapel to Larani in Asolade Hundred. Matakea (Temple Priest) Narrath has been appointed as the chaplin to Sir Shernath’s household. In recent times, the relatively new practice of assigning Matakea from nearby temples has caught on. Such priests usually reside with the family, counseling them on spiritual matters and leading their devotions. A noble family that is able to afford this service is a mark of great status.

Matakea Narrath is one of only three Laranian priests in the hundred, the other two being at Feneven and Novelim manors. Narrath regards himself as the principal of the three priests, but the others do not seem to acknowledge his supremacy.
Matakea Narrath has a reputation for being extremely honest and devout, although he is renowned throughout the hundred for his strict adherence to church dogma and complete absence of a sense of humor. He reports to Cerdan Bantire, the Rekela (Bishiop) of Pagostra. Narrath has two ashesa (acolytes) to assist him. Arbogar Kayn is a cheeky and cheerful 19-year-old with dark hair, pale skin, and a pox-marked, though still attractive face. Arbogar runs around the Great Hall greeting the gathered nobles and yeomen. Matakea Narrath scolds Arbogar more than once to stop dallying around and to make sure the chapel is prepared for the Soratir.

The second ashesa is Krayg Smadyn, a slightly older man of 21 years. He is thick-set and has a round face. He is considered unfriendly within the Keep. He has a reputation of being dismissive of anyone he considers beneath him. He is pompous and almost as humorless as Narrath. He is also Narrath’s favorite. The Matakea often scolds Arbogar to be more like Krayg, as he has the “right attitude.”

Eventually, those gathered in the Great Hall take their leave and head up the stairs to the third floor where the Chapel is located. It is small, but well-appointed. The lords and ladies of the hundred regularly attend the services at Jedes chapel. The congregation averages around 50, but sometimes there are well over eighty in attendance. In addition to the local noble families, several yeoman and many of the keep’s garrison regularly attend. Matakea Narrath keeps a careful note on who attends his services.

Matakea Narrath begins the mass by leading the congregation in a song. The song is militaristic in nature as is appropriate for a Laranian service. Narrath then gives the blessing and reads from the Book of Alamire (Worship of God). The reading comes from the sub-chapter Book of Toras– the primary account of Saint Ambrathas of Alamire, a fabled knight and the first saint of Larani, and his heroic 8 challenges.

In this reading, the story is told of how Saint Ambrathas came upon a maiden beset by a dozen brigands. Ambrathas defeated the brigands and the maiden gifted him a red and white checkered scarf. Escorting the lady to her destination, they were attacked seven more times, each time by more fearsome foes, culminating with eight demons. Ambrathas suffered many wounds, but defeated all without thought of retreat. Eventually, they came to a hill overlooking the maiden’s destination, a castle of unnatural fairness, but Ambrathas could travel no more and collapsed.

Ambrathas laylong recovering from his wounds. He had visions of the maiden transformed into the goddess Larani, but when he awoke, both she and the castle had vanished. In their place stood a brooding dark fortress and five priests who had been sent by Larani to help him take the castle from its evil warlord. One of the priests blew a horn and a small band of warriors appeared, calling themselves the Knights of Tirith. Ambrathas led the Knights to battle and defeated the warlord. The fortress was renamed Alamire and became a temple and chapter house for worthy clerics and knights.

The fundamental objective of the early church were the establishment and preservation of the feudal order, the defeat of evil, and the glorification of the Lady of Paladins. Alamire prospered until one day the Knights of Tirith returned and told Ambrathas to send everyone abroad. Soon after, a mighty army swept down, and though the defenders fought bravely, Alamire was destroyed and Ambrathas was slain.

After the reading, Matakea Narrath gives a homily lesson and then ends the service with another blessing and a reminder for the nobles to fulfil their feudal obligations, and for the freemen to be good vassals.

5th of Nuzyael, 720 Part 1
Part 1

5th of Nuzyael, 720 Part 1

Thunderstorms shook the hundred as lightning flashed throughout the night. By morning the most serious part of the storm had passed but high winds and rain continued to beat down on the town of Jedes.

The new guards ate breakfast in the common room of their temporary barracks. Ryssi and Father Harnis ate porridge in Harnis’s room before heading out to visit the family of the slain serf Felysse (location 47 on the village map).

The girl’s mother, Maryss of Kyngen, is still inconsolable in her grief. Her father, Faran, and her grandfather Sholas sit in the simple room of their cottage next to the shroud wrapped body of Felysse. The family has spent the day previous receiving visitors for a celebration of the girl’s life and all of last night preparing the body for today’s burial. Father Harnis spent most of the day yesterday with the family until it was time to conduct services at the Chapel. The family understandably did not feel up to attending.

Faran talks with Father Harnis for a while about his desire to see justice done and asks for forgiveness for accusing Meliren so quickly. He says that he knows the boy seemed to care deeply for his daughter. Sholas says that he isn’t sold on the idea of the circus folk being responsible for her death. He says he is convinced that the culprit is Sendalyn of Urnelt saying, “sendalyn is a bad ‘un and has always been a bad ‘un.” He seems as angry as he is sad.

Soon, many of the families from the village arrive at the house. Several women enter the home carrying various dishes covered with towels in an attempt to keep them both warm and dry from the rain. They set the food onto whatever surfaces they can find as the body of Felyss is resting on the families long table.

Soon, Orbil of Arlia arrives. He is accompanied by another man, his brother Hogarth. Both men are drenched and has mud caked up to their knees. Father Harnis tells Ryssi that Orbil is the town Beadle. The brothrs been digging Felyss’ grave in the small cemetery behind the Peoni Chapel. Hogarth, his brother is one of only eight woodcrafters in the entire hundred. He spent yesterday building a coffin for Felyss. Orbil has helped Hogarth carry the coffin to the house.

Friends and visitors exit the house and stand outside waiting in the falling rain. The coffin is brought inside and the shrouded body of Felyss is placed inside and the coffin closed. It is then carried out of the house and a procession begins to cross the Jedes Common field toward the chapel (location 30 on the map).

The circus wagons sit gloomily in the rain on the north western edge of the common. The circus folk have gathered outside and bow their heads as the procession passes but they do not join them. Many dirty looks are passed from the villagers to the circus crew. Every few steps, Father Harnis rings his bell as he chants a prayer.

Once at the cemetery behind the chapel, the casket is lowered into the ground as Father Harnis recites a simple ceremony. Gwyfid of Brygeth, a well-built sixteen year old with long black hair (now soaking wet) gives a eulogy. She was Felyss’ closest friend and confidante. After she speaks, Meliren asks Faran if it would be ok if he said something. Faran nods and Meliren gives a heart-felt speech about his love for the girl. He doesn’t make it through the entire speech before breaking down in tears. Faran walks over to the boy and embraces him. With that, the ceremony is over and the crowd departs back into the dry, although cold, comfort of their cottages. Orbil waits for everyone to leave before throwing the first shovel full of what is now mud onto Felyss’ coffin. Father Harnis tells Ryssi that he has arranged for one of the Miller’s apprentices’ Hesse of Mardin to make a headstone for the girl.

Ryssi notices from across the Common that there are several riders wearing heavy slicker cloaks arriving at the Keep from the west. She watches out of the window of the Chapel throughout the morning and sees several other riders arrive. Some from the east and some from the south. It is the 5th of Nuzyael and she supposes it must be Laranian Soratir (lay mass of the Larani religion, of which most of the nobility belong).

4th of Nuzyael, 720 TR Part 2
The Lesser Sapeleh

4th of Nuzyael, 720 TR Part 2. The Lesser Sapeleh

The faithful of Jedes, and the surrounding villagers and merchants in Jedes for Marketday arrive at the Chapel after the close of the Market Day as Harnis rings his handheld bell.
Harnis is still dressed in the white robes of winter, but you know that the Greater Sapeleh of Turning is coming up and he will soon adopt the green robes of spring. Ryssi is standing by Harnis to greet the faithful as they enter the Chapel. She is also dressed in simple white robes.

As members come together, they shake hands and greet one-another. Strangers are carefully sought out by the prefects of the church to be greeted and introduced to all attending.
Once inside, the Harnis steps to the front of the Chapel carrying a plain leather bound book. As everyone falls quiet, Harnis welcomes everyone to the Chapel on this first Sapeleh of the new year, 720.

The priest calls for everyone’s attention and then speaks a prayer in the common tongue. The prayer is seasonally appropriate and comes from Peonian holy texts; often speaking to how to maintain public harmony during the strife’s of work.

The priest provides a lesson from one of the religion’s holy books; often drawing passages and using them to remind the gathered that Peonians abide, regardless of the trials or tribulations that they must face.

Today’s lesson is from the Book of Harmony which contains the parables of the Aerlathos (the first prophets of Peoni) who codified the teachings into a form highly similar to what currently is followed by both branches of the Peonian faith.
The first visitation of the Aerlathos occurred circa 600 BT. The Aerlathos were four prophets, one each from the north, south, east and west. Two were men, two women. Each claimed to have been gifted with the same vision, that, “those who worship the cycles of earth shall be as one.”

At the time, many of the earth cults had fallen from the true ways by introducing elements of violence and retribution into their beliefs. Some had even introduced human or animal sacrifice into their rites, offering blood to enrich the soil. Ceremonies often devolved into orgiastic revels. Hence, according to tradition, the Aerlathos were summoned by Peoni to codify the beliefs and renew the purity of her followers.

The four preached eloquently to the common folk, and made their separate ways to a common destination that each had seen only in a vision. Everywhere they went the crops were blessed. Word spread of their pilgrimage and Peonians celebrated their newfound unity. By the time the four simultaneously reached the tiny village of Perna, there were several thousand clerics in their train. The four, who had never met, spoke in perfect unison of the need to reconsecrate the priesthood to the principles of the Lady of Labors. They blessed all the assembled priests and each male Aerlathos married a female Aerlathos in a double wedding to symbolize the unity of the church. At this point, according to tradition, the Aerlathos were transported to Valon, but not before they promised three more visitations that would occur, “when the terror of war shall beset thee and the congregations shall as babes put aside their faith for bright trinkets.”
Once the mass is ended, Harnis tells the assembled to go in peace, and the congregants scatter to their homes and villages.

Harnis asks Ryssi to accompany him to the Fallen Tower for dinner again this night. The inn is rather busy tonight as there are travelers here for Market Day.
Darik of Sed, the weaponcrafter is one of the travelers staying at the Fallen Tower Inn for the evening. He eats dinner with several of the members of the circus that is currently camped on the Ostler’s Green. Darik becomes loud as the evening stretches on, and he begins to complain about Barda, the Ostler’s wife and new weaponmaster at the Keep. He derides her as inept and claims that she was employed only because she seduced Sir Osric.

Harnis rises and pulls Darik aside and talks to him away from where the others in the common room can over hear. Darik becomes angry and takes his leave to his room.
Most of the gathered travelers have not had the chance to meet the circus crew and so there is a steady stream of introductions and questions for them. The “dwarf” character is in his full Khuzdul costume and drinking heavily.

The circus crew spent most of the day either in the market of in their wagons finishing preparation for the kick off of their show. It was planned to start today, but with the arrest of two of its members, Rhondoman the Circus Master has spent the day at the Keep with Sir Shernath discussing how to proceed. The circus will remain on the Green until the 13th, giving them time to resolve the hearing at Sir Shernath’s court. Rhondoman intends to represent his workers before the Constable. After the hearing is resolved, the circus will decide what to do then.

4th of Nuzyael, 720 TR Part 1

4th of Nuzyael, 720 TR Part 1.

Market Day Info

As a market town, Jedes is small but still around twice the size of the surrounding manors, and it provides guild services not available elsewhere in Asolade. Jedes market is held four times a month, on the 4th, 12th, 20th, and 27th. Most local guildsmen and many serfs bring produce to sell. Bory the Metalsmith (see the Asolade Hundred region book) and Feneven the Salter generally attend the Jedes market on the 4th.

Many guilds do not have any established premises for a master in the hundred. This enables some of the itinerant masters (journeymen) to earn a living providing services not otherwise available. The following people have arrived in Jedes this morning to set up shop in the market before the services at the Peonian Chapel.

Apothecary – Matilda of Faury. She is grey-haired and looks to be in her mid 50s. She has been bartering herbal remedies with the locals for mayn years and knows all of the best places to go gathering. As there is no guilded physician in the hundred, Matilda’s wares are in high demand even though the hospital at Bromeleon Abbey is open to all. She is known as a devote Peonian herself, living hand to mouth, she usually lodges with the village priest. She donates a good portion of her stock to the abbey.

Chandler – Seld of Tath. Seld is young, tall, and handsome with a square jaw and a cleft chin, blue eyes and wavy blond hair. He usually stays at most settlements for several days at a time, boiling down tallow to make cheap candles. He also makes scented candles from beeswax. Seld keeps a ready supply of wicks with him on his journeys.

Clothier – Bryna of Kertnay. She is in her early thirties and is a new arrival to the Hundred. Slim and attractive with chestnut hair, she is about five and a half feet tall.
Locksmith – Lot of Thaly. Lot is from Kanday. Lot has slowly been making his way around the villages making and selling strongboxes, chests and door locks. He came from his homeland via the Salt Route and enjoys the peaceful tranquillity of Asolade having come from the border skirmishes and violence of his birthplace.

Perfumer – Elzy of Darll. She is slender with a round face, brown hair, and an unexceptional appearance. Elzy speaks with a foreign accent and says she is from Shiran. She says she apprenticed under the cities most famous perfumer, Darisa of Saran. Her perfumes are expensive, but not particularly good. She carries with her the tools of her trade and often buys ingredients from other vendors at market day.

Weaponcrafter – Darik of Sed. Was the master weaponcrafter bonded at Jedes until early last summer. A competent weaponsmith, he had held the post for twenty years but was dismissed by Sir Shernath after Darik was late on the repair fo a half-helm for Sir Osric Mirdarne, the guard captain and Sir Shernath’s brother. When Barda, the ostler’s wife, herself a weaponsmith, overheard Darik telling the captain it would be a two-day job, she immediately offered to have it fixed by nightfall. Sir Osric gave her the chance to prove herself which she did. This bit of news made the rounds throughout all of the villages of the Hundred after Darik began to travel to each market day trying to pick up odd bits of work from yeomen and the gentry. His work is reasonable and his prices are average.
Once the business of the day at the Market stalls have been concluded, Harnis, the Peonian Priest rings his handheld bell calling the faithful to the Chapel for the Lesser Sapeleh.

3rd of Nuzyael, 720 TR
Out of Game RP Post

3rd of Nuzyael, 720 TR


The party returns to the Keep with the captured criminals. Sir Jassyff and Sir Shernath congratulate you, meeting you outside of the Keep in the court yard.
Two guards that you do not recognize take the men from you and march them into the keep where they will be thrown into the oubliette in the lower level of the building.
Straken reminds the constable that you all have missed the main meal of the day, due to your diligent investigations. Sir Shernath nods and tells him to make sure you are settled in and then served a meal that properly expresses his gratitude.

You are shown your temporary quarters in the light horse barracks. While you are stowing your gear, two of the serving maids enter the room bringing in your dinner, setting it on the main table. The meal is more of a feast in your minds. Mutton stew, with leeks and turnip, a couple of loaves of bread and the remains of a huge rhubarb and honey pie.
After you eat, Straken assigns a series of short watches for you all at the circus and you take turns standing watch as allocated by the Sergeant.

As the sun sets for the evening, you are summoned by one of the keep guards for supper in the great hall. As you climb the stairs of the keep together, the smell of food surrounds you. The Great Hall is now filled with nearly forty some odd people that make up the residents and staff of Jedes Keep. The many long tables are packed with faces of people you do not recognize, and there are of course the nobles seated at their high table. You are led through the crowd and past the chamber servants and you are told to take seat alongside the regular guards.


The guards (the party) lead the two men captured across the street and through the gates into Jedes Keep. You were planning on accompanying them into the Keep but you spot a round man with thinning hair wearing the white robes of a Peonian Ebasethe walking toward you.

He introduces himself as Harnis of Guinas, he lives at the Chapel here in Jedes and attends to the needs of his flock from there. He tells you that he has just come from the home of the family of Fyless and that it has been a sad day. He congratulates you on helping solve the crime in such short time and compliments the temporary guards that have left to the Keep with the criminals.

He tells you to walk with him to the Chapel (building 30 on the map in the Jedes book I linked earlier. There is a map of the chapel in the book as well). The chaple is a simple stone building, whitewashed both inside and out. Harnis shows you the interior of the chapel briefly. It is decorated with the villager’s crude paintings. He then leads you into the small residential cottage along side of the Chapel where he lives and walks you through the main room. There is door at the back of his room that leads into a smaller room with a single bed and two small wardrobes. He tells you that you are welcome to sleep here until you receive orders from the Abbot at the monastery. He says that tomorrow is the Lesser Sapelah (Lay Mass) and he could use your help as the day will be the 4th (a significant day for Peonians that relates to the official turn of season). He walks over to one of the wardrobes and opens it. Nothing hangs in this closet but there a few small burlap wrapped bundles on the bottom of the wardrobe. He pulls one of the bundles out and tells you that he has enough seasonal garb robes here that he can provide you with your new spring robe. He tosses it onto the bed that he says is yours.

After you are settled, he says that he would like for you to accompany him to the Fallen Tower for dinner. He wants to hear everything about todays events as well as what brought you to Jedes in the first place.

You discuss these items over a dinner of stew and a loaf of bread. Harnis drinks several mugs of Haniale, the traditional piney, nut brown ale common across Kaldor. After his third mug he orders a fourth and then notices that you have become aware of the number of drinks he has downed.

He tells you that ale is simply liquid bread; the ingredients are almost identical; only the proportions and method of preparation are different. And, as bread is certainly Peoni’s bounty, drinking a beer or two must be seen as an act of worship.
You spend the evening relating your adventures to Harnis. The bartender introduces himself to you again. You met earlier but there was a good number of you so he takes the time to tell you more about himself.

He is Jastrin of Dyrl. He is in his mid thirties. He is a large, round man that looks like he probably retains the strength he had from his younger years. Harnis tells you that Jastrin is the guildmaster of Asolade but Jastrin smiles and dismisses the compliment from the priest by saying that there are only three inns and no taverns; it isn’t an onerous task.
Jastrin introduces you to his wife Shalya who looks to be about ten years his junior. She is friendly and gregarious with long black hair and pale freckled skin. She tells you that she works in the kitchen and then walks you back there to introduce you to their three young children, all of whom also work in the kitchen with their mother.

Jastrin also introduces you to his two employees. A 22 year old young man named Halir of Densar. He is employed as a journeyman and helps with the brewing and bottling of ales as well as the over all management of the inn. He also has an apprentice, Ealfric of Lysten. This boy is a 15 years old and strikes you as nervous and shy. As the night drags along, you witness the locals dining at the inn taking every opportunity to embarrass Ealfric.
Harnis drinks down another three ales and when he is smiling and slurring more than talking, he stands and heads to toward the door saying that it is time to retire. You get the impression Jastrin would have closed the inn down at least thirty minutes prior but was patiently waiting for the cleric who is no doubt his best customer.

Session 2
Killers Caught

The party investigated the circus folk that were in town and the follow up of the clues presented resulted in the suspicion falling on one of the circus performers. The knife thrower Corik.

The game quickly turned into a combat session as the Character Gorrys, while attempting to question the knife thrower, tipped his hand confirming Corik’s suspicion that he was under consideration as the prime suspect. He threw a a tuburi, one of the specail knives found on Harn, which struck the character Kalas in the head (penetrating his helm even). Before he could make good his escape, he was tackled and held by Gorrys.

Corik’s partner and bear handler, Larith, was quickly halted from taking any kind of action by thanks to the quick actions of the archer Lysha.

The pair were arrested and taken to the Keep where they will be held for trial.

A Shower of Silver
Session 1

The party arrived at the village of Jedes (the Constable’s Keep / Seat of Asolade Hundred) in two seperate groups. Gorry, Lysha, Kalas, and Harlin came from the west along the Yalen Trail. Ondren and Ryssi came from the south from the Hutop Trail.

Character bio’s and backgrounds that explain why the characters were coming to Jedes can be read in the character bios available at: Characters

A large number of wagons were on the town commons; six covered wagons and two caravan style wagons. It appeared that the group of people with the wagons were hurriedly replacing large tents that had been unloaded back onto the wagons before a big rainstorm hit.

The players all arrived at the Fallen Tower Tavern just before the skies opened up. Introductions were made among the characters that didn’t know each other before meeting at the tavern, but most of characters knew each other or were associated with another character that did.

The players learned from the tavern keeper Jastrin, that an unexpected arrival of the circus (the wagons they saw on the green) coupled with the departure of the Keep’s garrison of both light horse and light foot soldiers, should make for available work as temporary guards for the Constable.

The Sergeant at Arms from the Keep Straken of Ornet arrived to investigate the news of strangers to town carrying weapons. After verifying the groups reasons for being in town, he offered to lead them up to meet the constable at the Keep.

At the keep, while waiting for Straken to bring them into the main Hall, the party met up with Dorrin of Lyne from Skaist. He was an old friend of Harlins. He told the group that the garrison’s forces had left earlier this morning but wouldn’t elaborate on why after being pressed a little too hard for information.

Ryssi of Chert met with Sir Shernath alri Mirdarne first and delivered her message from the Abbot at the monastery. The Sheriff seemed irritated that the message was sent to him after being originally intended for the acting Sheriff of Osel. He said that he took that as a sign of just how unimportant the Asolade was to the Sheriff as the message was apparently deemed unimportant and beneath the Sheriff’s attention, having sent it to Sir Shernath to deal with.

The rest of the party met with Sir Shernath and were granted temporary work for ten days at a rate of 1d per day, in addition to food and quarters in the Keep.

Sir Shernath also explained that his garrison force was called to Hutop in response for a call for help to confront a monster (which he did not name) was sighted near the town.

The party were shown to the light horseman’s barracks and they were told they could temporarily bunk there while the garrison was away. Once they returned, they would sleep in the Great Hall until the end of their service for the Constable.

As the group were getting situated in their temporary barracks, Yma, the young goose girl arrived telling Straken that her goose Blackeye had found the body of Felyss, the daughter of one of the serf’s in the village. Straken instructed Yma to take the party to the body while he informed the Contable.

The party arrived and found the following information after investigating the scene of the crime:


Looking at the Body

There is a body lying, supine, on the grass.

The body is that of a black haired young woman. She is aged somewhere between sixteen and twenty. Her arms are folded across her chest and her legs are straight. A posy of bluebells lies on her chest. She is wearing a sleeved kirtle and a sleeveless tunic, both of red wool; and a pair of leather shoes.

Her kirtle & tunic are homespun wool. Her eyes are blue. Her kirtle and tunic are grass-stained on the knees and chest. Her face too, shows some marks of grass and mud. There appear to be several tracks in the grove.

Her face and clothing appear to be dry, despite the recent downpour.

Looking around the body

There are a lot of footprints.

There is one good set of footprints, deep and well defined,next to some well defined hoof marks.

The horse and rider arrived after the rain had stopped. There are signs that several other people were also here shortly before the rainstorm.

Two or three individuals arrived in the grove on foot before the rain they entered past the marsh. They left through the undergrowth.

Looking at the body again:

There is no doubt that the woman is dead, although the joints have not yet started to stiffen.

The grass alongside the body is almost dry, unlike the grass elsewhere in the grove. The woman’s dress is dry at the front, a quick check shows that it is wet on the back. There are specks of blood under the woman’s right finger- nails,’ one of her nails is broken.

Looking at the puncture wound in her back

She is dead, the back of her dress is covered in blood.

It’s some sort of stab wound. Other than this one wound there are no signs of injury.

The wound is a narrow and deep stab wound, too small to be from a spear, sword, or most daggers.

The wound could be from a Taburi, or throwing dagger.
Looking at the tracks

The horse and rider rode into, and out of, the grove along the river’s edge to the west of the grove. The tracks can be easily followed around the copse of trees and to the Yalen trail.

The horse came slowly along the trail from Jedes, but left heading towards Yalen travelling at speed.

The horse has one fairly new shoe, on the left foreleg.

Looking around the grove for more clues

There are two silver pennies lying in plain view on the grass a few yards inside the tree line. They are ‘foreign’ and identi- cal to those found under the body.

More than one person moved rapidly through the under- growth, one stumbled into some brambles and has left a few threads of undyed homespun wool on the thorns.

Two people ran through the undergrowth to the road. The tracks are then lost in the mud of the road

NOTES: Rolling the body over, while looking at the puncture wounds revealed two pennies under the body. The coins were foreign, and the characters could read the word “Coranan” on the reverse of one of the coins, and noted that there was no kings head on the obverse. This was sufficient to identify the coin as having come from the Thardic Republic.

What Yma told the party:

Blackeye is currently Yma’s best layer, a large and aggressive goose with a black patch over her right eye. Yma was looking for the goose, who often strays from the flock, when she found goose and corpse in the grove. She knows the woman, it is Felyss, daughter of one of the local half-vil- leins, Faran of Kyngens (Jedes 47).

When she saw her, she called out her name and then approached. She was a little frightened, but approached close enough to tap her on the shoul- der with her goose stick (Yma carries a four foot long willow wand which she uses to herd her geese). When she got no response she ran back to the keep.

Yma has seen Felyss in the grove before, usually with Meliren of Heriel, the ostler’s son. There are often grown-ups in the grove together, usually in couples.

Straken left to inform the family of their daughters death. The party went back to town to begin questioning villagers. They started with the main Ostler in town to see if he knew of any horses having a shoe replaced on its front left leg recently. He did not. They then went to the other ostler in town and the family of the dead girls boyfriend.

Brod of Heriel is a very impor- tant man. He is, as he will tell the characters, a master ostler. Brod will admit that his son Meliren is not at home. He will tell the characters that Meliren has taken one of the horses for exercise and will assure them that he’ll be back well before dusk. If asked about the coins, he knows nothing. However, if the players ask him about the promissory note cashed by Cyrael, he will be surprised, and will go to check his strongbox. He will return, obviously shaken. He will, however, refuse to implicate his son and will simply continue to tell the characters that nothing is missing, all is well, and that his son will return soon.

Brod will tell the characters that Meliren went out early in the morn- ing, but wasn’t out long. When he came back Meliren asked his father if he could take Hirin (a horse) out for some exercise. Brod made him work first, then the rain came. When the rain stopped, Meliren went off on Hirin.

Meliren’s mother will be a little more forthcoming. She will tell the characters that Meliren and Felyss wanted to marry, but that her hus- band would have none of it. She suspects that the couple intended to run away together but will defend her son to the last. Meliren would never harm anyone, certainly not Felyss, whom he loved deeply. If the characters accuse Meliren she will get angry, and will ask them to leave her house. She will tell the characters that they are wasting their time searching for her son, and that they should look elsewhere for the culprit.

Before the characters left, Meliren returned and told the party the following:
He is distraught when he arrives home. He has decided to tell his parents everything, and ac- cept his due punishment. He stole a usurers note from his father and got it cashed by Cyrael of Urnelt. He then gave some of the cash to Felyss, to leave for her parents, and hid the rest for Felyss to collect later under the Whittlebrook bridge. He said he was followed by a short, thin man with sharp features that he did not recognize. He paused a few times to see if he was being followed but he decided he had lost anyone that might have been following him.

He was supposed to meet her almost straight away, but he was delayed because of his father, and because of the rain. When he got to the meeting place, Felyss was dead, lying sprawled, face down on the ground. He turned her over and straight- ened her out, kissed her, picked some bluebells for her, and then left. He didn’t know where to go, so he simply rode. Eventually, he realised that he could flee forever, or return to face the consequences of his actions. Here he is.

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