13th of Nuzyael, 720 TR
A new adventure

1st Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW,2 15-30mph Thunderstorm
2nd Watch Cool, Clear, NW:3, 30-55mph
3rd Watch Cool, Clear, NW:1, 5-15mph
4th Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW,0, 0-5mph Thunderstorm
5th Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW:1, 5-15mph Thunderstorm
6th Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW:1, 5-15mph Thunderstorm

Ryssi arrives at the Keep Hall to summon the party to the Shrine just before the 3rd watch begins. She tells them that Father Harnis is very upset and that a very important relic has been stolen from the shrine sometime during the night.

The party questions Harnis and learns that the Shrine here in Jedes holds a special relic of Peoni. It is a strangely colored and oddly shaped green stone, said to have been touched by the goddess herself. The relic holds no special powers apparently, but it was given to Harnis by his father, also a Peonian priest, when he was assigned duty at Jedes. His father served at Novelim for years and held the relic there ever since Harnis could remember. His father has been dead five years now.

Harnis kept the stone in a nook cut into the wall in the central wall just behind the altar inside of the chapel. Muddy heavy boot prints led from the north door of the shrine directly to the nook in the wall. Similar prints in the thick mud were also found outside of the building alongside of the wall. There was no water in the heavy prints, suggesting that the relic was taken after the thunderstorm had ended. Gorrys managed to follow the tracks north to the docks along the River Kald. Uril of Tone, the local boatman, rowed the party across the river where they found a small rowboat hastily hidden on the north bank. Gorrys found tracks leading due north into the Kathel Hills. Before going any further, the group returned to the Keep to inform Straken of what they had found. After doing so, they were ordered to cross the Kald and pursue the thieves and retrieve the relic for Harnis. They were cautioned to not stray too far as the Kath are well known to travel the woods near the Salt Route and that Gargun are also known to sometimes be this far south in late winter and early spring. They were told that if they had not caught the thieves by the end of the third day, to return to Jedes rather than risk any more casualties this week.

The party gathered supplies for their short expedition and again had Uril take them across the Kald.

It was getting late in the afternoon by the time the party got their bearings and found the trail. The tracks they were following seemed to be made by two men wearing heavy boots. The tracks followed along the eastern bank of a south running creek that flowed into the Kald near where they had crossed. The men they were following didn’t seem to be very concerned with hiding their movements and so the tracks were easy enough to follow even as clouds gathered and thunder rolled in the distance.

The going was rough over the steep ground as they followed the creek north up to its source; a spectacular waterfall pouring from a spring inside of a deep draw in the hillside.

Darkness fell and the rains picked up as a significant thunderstorm finally arrived. The party pushed into the night following the trail as best as they could. Gorrys insisted the party pushed on as he felt sure they were gaining on their prey. It was a long night walking through thick brush that was only just starting to show signs of wanting to bud leaves despite the recent cold snap and snows.

12th of Nuzyael, 720 TR
Farewell Kalas

1st Watch Cool, Overcast, SW:4, 55+mph Heavy Rain
2nd Watch Cool, Overcast, SW:2, 15-30mph Heavy Rain
3rd Watch Cool, Overcast, SW:3, 30-55mph Heavy Rain
4th Watch Cool, Cloudy, SW:3, 30-55mph, Light Rain
5th Watch Cool, Clear, NW:2, 15-30mph
6th Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW,0, 0-5mph Thunderstorm

Kalas of Delsin passed sometime during the early morning hours of the 12th of Nuzyael, 720 TR.

Ryssi had come to check on him just before the dawn and found him lifeless in his bed. His eyes were open but fixed in what appeared to be a furious glare and his lips were twisted in a scowl. He had apparently died as he had lived.

Kalas’s body was wrapped in a sheet and Straken borrowed a small cart from Sir Hendrick to transport him home.

The party left soon after and headed west along the gibbets road. At Calsite, they were overtaken by the returning garrison from Jedes Keep from Hutop. The long procession included a wagon filled with the bodies of their own fallen. After speaking with the Light Horse LT., Straken told the party that it was indeed trolls that were encountered in the caves near Hutop. It turned out, there was an entire clan of trolls! They have all since been killed but the cost was heavy. Four from the Light Horse, and two from the Footmen made up the casualties from Jedes; that ontop of the horses lost. Five total. And then there was the injured that will be a long time healing.

To add insult to the injury, Straken learned that the Bailiff at Hutop, Sir Kodar Maradyne overturned Sir Shernath’s ruling on the arrested circus performers after hearing the circus master’s appeal. Sir Kodar is the Bailiff of Daynora Hundred and the deputy sheriff of Oselshire. With the death of Sir Merik Elendsa, brother of the King and Sheriff of Oselshire, Sir Kodar has been acting as sheriff. The King has yet to appoint his successor and control of Hutop is a potentially tricky situation. The Earl of Neph, who has no holdings in the south and leige of Sir Kodar, has let it be known that he would undertake responsibility for the office. The Earl of Balim, who holds Jedes and is leige of Sir Shernath, does not support this appointment. Straken belives that this is a shot across the bow and likely a move designed to please the Earl of Neph. Sir Shernath is likely to be enraged after sacrificing his men for Sir Kodar against the trolls. It would be wise to avoid the great hall once back at Jedes. On the brighter side of the situation, there are now four bunks permanently empty in the horse barracks.

The group travels the rest of the way back to Jedes with the returning soldiers. It is a solemn procession and conversations are held in low tones in the heavy rain.

It is market day on the 12th and even with the cold and rain, there is a good crowd in the village. As the soldiers pass through the gates of the wall into the courtyard of Jedes Keep, all business in the market comes to a stop as villagers and visitors from other villages pay their respects with silence.

The party is forced from their temporary bunks in the horse barracks and sent to sleep in the great hall for the evening. Straken watches from the shadows of the corner as Sir Shernath is given the news of Sir Kobar’s decision to overturn his ruling. Shernath explodes and Straken wisely ushers the group from the hall to the Fallen Tower Inn for a warm meal and drinks. There are several here from out of town for the market so all of the tables are full but Jestrin (the innkeeper) makes space at the bar and has his son fetch some extra stools from a back room.

The party leaves the inn just before the rains return. By the time the group is settling down for the night in the hall, the rains turn to a full blown thunderstorm.

11th of Nuzyael, 720 TR
Kalas's Fever Worsens

1st Watch Cold, Cloudy, NW:3, 30-55mph, Snow
2nd Watch Cold, Cloudy, NW:3, 30-55mph, Snow
3rd Watch Cold, Cloudy, NW:2, 15-30mph, Snow
4th Watch Cold, Cloudy, NW:4, 55+mph, Snow
5th Watch Cool, Overcast, SW:2, 15-30mph Heavy Rain
6th Watch Cool, Overcast, SW:3, 30-55mph Heavy Rain

The party made ready to leave early on the morning of the 11th, but it turned out that Kalas was too ill to come downstairs for breakfast. His fever had yet to break and so Ryssi sent for the village priest who she knew to be more skilled in herbal remedies. After looking at Kalas, the priest told the group that there was nothing more that could be done for him and that it was in the hands of Peoni at this point.

The group remained inside of the inn as the snow fell outside. Straken spent the day at the manor house, taking the opportunity to conduct whatever business he had with the Lord of Tamorlan.

10th of Nuzyael, 720 TR
Tamorlan and the Moaning Mouth Cave

10th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

The weather is cold and snowing with winds from the north, gusting at up to 50 mph at times. It snows all day except for a brief bit of relief during the 4th watch.

The party arrives in Tamorlan just after the midnight hour and are taken by Straken directly to the local inn called the Crown Posada. It is the Innkeeper, Balthar of Gorynd and his wife Jula, who are the parents of the missing boy (Jon). They also have a daughter, Essyles.

The Innkeeper and his wife make the party a warm meal and give them some warmed Asolade Perry to fight off the chill of the nights travel. They explain the situation to the party and how the village has searched most of the surrounding countryside without sign of the boy. The cold weather and snow hangs heavy over everyone as they know the boy Jon isn’t likely to have survived a night outdoors, alone and ill-equipped.

One of the last places to look is a local cave called the Moaning Mouth due to the sound made by the wind that blows through the entrance. It is generally agreed that it is unlikely Jon would have gone there as it is avoided by everyone from the village. Barrath of Fortin, and Marrek of Andryn, the village Woodward and Reeve, both disagree that the cave should be searched. A peddler named Tarwal of Arcyen went missing from the town green sometime during the night before the last village market day and they feel this is not coincidence. They believe that without any signs of something foreign around the outskirts of the village, the Moaning Mouth is a likely den for something that might prey on people. If that fails to prove out, it might be time to start looking at someone within the village. No one states that though.

While the party is eating and listening to those that have gathered at the inn during the late hour, Kalas of Delsin begins to feel ill. The Ebasethe, Ryssi of Clan Chert, looks Kalas over and cleans the head wound suffered at the hands of the circus kife thrower back in Jedes earlier in the week. The wound looked to be infected. As the night continued on, Kalas developed a fever.

The next morning, it was decided to start looking for the boy along the banks of the River Tamor before heading to the Moaning Mouth. Kalas’s fever had not broken by morning and Ryssi insisted he stay at the Inn and rest.

There was no sign of Jon by the river and so the party made their way to the cave. It was a difficult climb down into the cave as the entrance was both steep and slick with mud. After about forty feet down a large chamber opened and provided a more stable footing. Before the group could move to far into the cave, they were confronted by the high pitched clicking and warning noises of what turned out to be a pair of Vlasta, also known as “the Eater of Eyes.” Small reptile / bird like Ivashu (monsters created by the god Ilvir at Araka-Kalai). These creatures are incredibly fast over short distances and can leap up to 20 feet. They are voracious carnivores and will attack even large animals if hungry or cornered. They are known to attack large victims by leaping at the face and eyes, trying to blind them, hence their name.

Despite their aggressive nature, the party managed to kill both. Their hollow bones broke easily enough once hit and their flesh did not turn aside Gorry’s spear or Lysha’s falchion.

After the creatures were dealt with, the party could hear someone screaming for help. After following the cries through the passages of the cave, the party found a hidden door that led to what appeared to be an old room of Khuzan origin. There they found Tarwal of Arcyen, the missing peddler and the boy Jon. The boy had been bound and his mouth gagged. Tarwal explained that he wandered to the cave on market day and became trapped inside after encountering the Eaters of Eyes. He had fled deeper into the cave and found the hidden room. The boy Jon showed up a couple of days ago and he managed to help the boy rush into the room before the creatures got him, but he has since grown severely irritated with the child’s crying and so he bound and gagged him.

Lysha found a wicked looking dagger and sheath inside of a locked trunk to which she obtianed the key from the peddler. Ryssi idenitified the knife as being associated with the evil god Morgoth. The blade was sheathed in a black leather scabbard with silver trim. An inscription in Lakise (the common Harnic script) reads “death to all.”

Tarwal became irrate after Lysha pulled the dagger from the chest. Lysha broke both of the peddlers shoulders with the pommel of her Falchion, effectively ending his aggression. The party then led the boy and the peddler back to the village, returning Jon to his parents and handing Tarwal over to Sir Hendrik.

The snow and cold did not prevent the village from turning out en mass at the Inn where a great celebration lasted long into the night. The party earned the respect of both Sir Hendrik and the villagers and were hailed as heroes.

9th of Nuzyael, 720 TR Part 2
Part 2

9th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

The cold and overcast weather gives way to snow by the 5th watch. Winds are from the North at 15-30 mph. Eventually the snow stops blowing by the late hour beginning the 6th watch.

The party arrives in Tamorlan about an hour after the snow stops falling. It was a long and cold push down the Gibbets road. A mile outside of Jedes, the first of the gibbets marking distance along the road to Hutop appears. Every league after, another of the iron cages hang from either an erected pole or tree that has been deemed suitable. You didn’t see any criminals on display in any of the gibbets; most of the remains of those that might have been there had long decayed and been taken by the local wildlife.

Tamorlan -

Baliff: Sir Hendrik Poulty
Liege: Sir Shernath Mirdarne, Constable of Jedes

Tamorlan is a prosperous and busy village on the south bank of the Tamora River, the last settlement in Asolade on the main road running from Jedes to Hutop. It sits next to an ancient stone bridge which, as a consequence of its location, is the site of a royal tollhouse. Tamorlan is also home to the Verderers’ Hall and Court (the Verderers are a court within the Forest, authorized by the Crown and elected by the Hundred. They sit to hear cases of offences within the Sovereign’s Forest. They can deal with minor offences directly by fines but more serious cases were referred to higher courts. Sir Shernath generally attends)

The bridge, by far the best of those that cross the Tamora River, dates back to the Codominium and is rumored to be of Kuzhan construction. It consists of four stone arches between two high stone abutments. Stone parapets, three feet high and one foot thick, run along either side of the span. For most of its length the bridge is only eight feet wide between the parapets, too narrow for two carts or wagons to pass each other. The central pier, however, is larger than the others, and here the bridge widens to fifteen feet.
The tollhouse is manned by a paid royal official, who is assisted by two local yeoman as part of their feudal obligation. Residents of Tamorlan and Mowich are exempt from the toll, and all other villages in the hundred can access Jedes market without using the bridge. For outsiders and the miners at Tasinald, however, avoiding the toll bridge is extremely difficult. The bridge upstream leads only to Mowich, while the two bridges downstream require long detours along narrow trails, doubling or tripling the distance of traveling the main road. At the bridge at Asolade manor, moreover, the hundred baliff is duty-bound to charge a toll to “visitors”, defined as anyone not resident in the hundred.

9th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

9th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

Cool and overcast. Winds out of the Southwest. Heavy Rains from 1st watch through 3rd watch. Winds shifting from the North West at 4th Watch at 30-55 mph. Wind shifts from the north starting at 5th watch, bringing snow and 30 mph winds. NW winds at 6th watch and cold temperatures overnight.

- Sir Hendrik, Lord of Tamorlan returns to Jedes Keep sometime after noon. He says that upon his return to Tamorlan on the night of the 7th, he was informed that a local serf boy had been missing since that morning. The villagers are worried and they, along with what little force present in Tamorlan, have spent the last two days searching for the boy. With the disappearance of the Peddler Tarwal of Arcyen the week before, he is concerned and has turned to Sir Shernath for assistance. The Constable orders Shraken to send a group of guards to help in the search. Shraken orders you all to accompany Sir Hendrik back to Tamorlan to assist.
- Shraken asks Harnis to dispatch Ryssi to accompany the guards to Tamorlan in case medical care might be required.
- The only military forces in Tamorlan is Sir Hendrik, his Squire, Bors Orteyan (the 14 year old son and heir of the Lord of Yalen), two light footmen Sir Hendrik employs, and three Yeomen (all shortbowmen).

8th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

8th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

Cold and overcast. Winds out of the Northwest at between 5-55 mph throughout the day. Heavy rains developing after the evening hours (5th-6th watch)

- Another day of cold rain. The circus caravan leaves Jedes, heading south along the Gibbet (Hutop) Road. Straken demands payment for the dead girl from the circus master. He argues that the matter has not yet been through the appeal in Hutop. It seems more of a matter of intimidation rather than a serious attempt at collecting wergild.

7th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

7th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

Cool and cloudy with winds from the South West. Rain showers throughout the day with heavy rains with winds gusting over 55 mph beginning in the afternoon and continuing into the night.

- The Keep is quiet after the gathered nobles leave for their own manors early on the morning of the 7th.
- Armolarin Straken of Ornelt doubles the guards on duty on the Ostle Commons in order to intimidate the circus folk.
- Word arrives from Hutop regarding the call for help on the 3rd. It seems a cavern outside of Hutop became the residence of a group of Nolah (Harnic Trolls), also called Dank Stalkers. This is unusual as the Nolah is generally a solitary creature. Hutop has a reputation as being a haven for roustabouts, ne’er-do-wells, and a rough crowd of miners and mercenaries. According to the story being told at Jedes Keep, a small group of mercenaries had tracked the Nolah to the cavern after a young girl was reportedly lured to the cavern by the creature(s). Only one of the men made it back to Hutop alive to tell of what his un-lucky group had found. Sir Kodar Maradyne, unsure of how many he was dealing with asked for help from Jedes Keep. His forces, along with the Light Horse and Light Infantry from Jedes Keep are camped in the fields just below the cavern and will attempt to smoke the creatures out in order to confront them in the open.

6th of Nuzyael

6th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

Cool and cloudy with winds from the Southwest. Rain showers throughout the day. Winds gusting above 55 mph in the early morning and late night hours.

- Sir Shernath holds court. The nobles that attended the Laranian service the previous day are present.
- Most business presented to the Constable relates to the planting season that is now in full swing. These issues are largely logistical and most are referred to Sir Callam Mirdarne (the oldest son of the constable’s brother, Sir Osric, captain of the Jedes guard) who is the Constable’s Steward (responsible for administrating the revenue activities from the surrounding manors with the Keep), and Sir Tamys Poulty (the youngest brother of Lady Jenya), the Constable’s Chamberlain (responsible for the day to day operation of the royal household).
- Sir Shernath informs the court that due to the potential trouble with sickness in the herd at the village of Gemheldon, he directs his vassals to take necessary measures to compensate as part of their obligation this year.
- The two accused murders of the peasant girl are tried. The circus master presents a defense but the pair are convicted and found guilty and sentenced to hang.
- The circus master requests appeal to the Sheriff of Oselshire (the current Sheriff of Oselshire is a vacant office since the death of Sir Merik Elendsa, brother to the king. The king has yet to determine a successor, and so the Bailiff of Daynora Hundred, Sir Kodar Maradyne, is the acting deputy sheriff.
- The seat of the Sheriff of Oselshire is located at the Keep, Hutop.
- Sir Shernath has no choice but to allow the petition to be heard to go forward and so he orders the pair held until word from Sir Maradyne is received.
- The Constable also orders the circus master responsible for Wergild to the family, the sum of three years production. He clearly is sending a message to the circus master about what he thinks of his appeal.

5th of Nuzyael, 720 Part 3
Part 3

5th of Nuzyael, 720 Part 3

After the service, the crowd is dismissed to the Great Hall. Those wanting to be heard in confession wait outside of the chapel in the hall as they are called one by one back into the chapel to confess. Matakea Narrath gives penance and sends them on their way to rejoin the others gathered in the Great Hall where Sir Shernath has had his servants prepare a feast for the noonday meal.

During the feast, Sir Shernath speaks to his gathered nobles and talks about the prospects for a good year ahead. He asks who will be attending his own court the following day. Several of the nobles say that they plan to attend. After the meal is finished, more drink is served as the plates are cleared by servants. Sir Shernath asks if anyone not attending tomorrows court has any business with him before the close the meal.

Sir Mykal Erwyne, Lord of Meninast is the only noble to speak. Sir Mykel is the Lord of Merninast, which is a smaller village on lands belonging to Sir Mykal’s Liege, Sir Terris Doulzan, Lord of Novelim.

Sir Shernath welcomes Sir Mykal, saying it is an unusual but very welcome sight to see him at his Keep. Sir Mykal usually attends Laranian services at Sir Terris Manor at Novelim. He also says that he hopes that Sir Mykal will have a better year this year and that he will not have to support his other village of Gemheldon.

Sir Mykal apologizes again for the necessity of Sir Shernath’s assistance and thanks him for his latest shipment of food to help the village of Gemheldon to make it through the winter. He says that he suspects he should be able to do better this year although he is worried about a sickness that threatens his cattle herd there. It appears to have started in a flock of sheep and spread to the herd. He asks if Sir Shernath would consider sending someone more skilled in animal husbandry than what he currently has access to, to see what could be done. Sir Shernath is troubled as the cattle from Gemheldon are relied upon and the lack of yield this past year put a strain on the hundred. Luckily, Sir Shernath was able to make up the shortage when sending his own obligation to his liege, the Earl of Balim.

No other nobles ask for audience. Conversation turns to events of the hundred. They are as follows:
- The murder of the local peasant girl Felyss by the circus folk. News of the murder has spread across the hundred. Villagers are awaiting news of when and if the circus will continue with its show. If anything, the news of the tragedy has made people anxious to see the show.
- Worries of raids from the Kath tribes across the Kald are expressed. The new Baliff of Chewintin (& Keldkith), Sir Krisagon Lartyne was appointed by the Earl of Balim after Sir Shernath petitioned the earl for the removal of his predecessor. Sir Krisagon arrived just as winter set in three months ago and his arrival coincided with a raid from the local Kath warlord known as Calid. Sir Krisagon, much to the misfortune of Calid, is a self-made man, having spent twenty years working as a mercenary protecting caravans along the Silver Way. He brought 14 of his retainers along with him to Chewintin when he arrived. Ten of the men are all older soldiers with plans to retire. Sir Krisagon promised them 25 acres each as part of his plan to expand the manor’s demense. Each man was chosen due to their farming experience, loyalty, and toughness. The Kath were caught and quickly put down, forced to retreat back across the river. Sir Krisagon has yet to visit Sir Shernath or make a trip to Jedes. Sir Shernath plans on sending a patrol there soon to check on the village.
- There is talk that the Earl of Balim wants to build a bridge at Jedes across the Kald River and then to build a road through the forest, eventually linking up with the Salt Route. This would bring a lot of money into the hundred if it were to happen. The forest across the river however is crawling with tribes of Kath warbands. The area is known as the Kathan hills. The King of Kaldor sends a token mounted patrol through the region annually so as to be able to continue and lay claim to the territory, and that patrol always meets with an extremely hostile reception by the Kath. There are an unknown number of tribes living there.
- Sir Hendrik, Lord of Tamorlan, and the eldest brother to Lady Jenya, the wife of Sir Shernath, is enjoying seeing his sister this Soratir. He also asks Armolarin Straken of Ornet (the Sergeant-at-arms for the Keep) if he knows if a local peddler named Tarwal of Arcyen made it to the Jedes market yesterday. The peddler was in Tamorlan on the villages last market day and was camped on their green. The peddler disappeared but his few belongings were left on the green. It is unlikely that he simply left them there, but if he did, Jedes would have been the most likely place he would have turned up next at. Armolarin Straken tells him he does not know but will follow up with his guards and the village Beadle and will then send word to Sir Hendrik with what he finds out.

The gathering in the Hall continues throughout the rest of the day and into the evening. The new guards continue to rotate through their shifts. Armolarin Straken asks the new guards to follow up on the request of Sir Hendrik, but no one in Jedes remembers seeing the peddler Tarwal of Arcyen yesterday. It is reasonably certain he did not attend.

As night falls in Jedes the heavy rains turn to a lighter, but still constant, downpour. The evening meal is not as elaborate as the lunch time dinner, but it is still a better meal than normal due to the guests staying the night in the Keep. After the supper meal, the Great Hall is cleared of servants as the visiting nobles prepare to bed down.


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