10th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

Tamorlan and the Moaning Mouth Cave

10th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

The weather is cold and snowing with winds from the north, gusting at up to 50 mph at times. It snows all day except for a brief bit of relief during the 4th watch.

The party arrives in Tamorlan just after the midnight hour and are taken by Straken directly to the local inn called the Crown Posada. It is the Innkeeper, Balthar of Gorynd and his wife Jula, who are the parents of the missing boy (Jon). They also have a daughter, Essyles.

The Innkeeper and his wife make the party a warm meal and give them some warmed Asolade Perry to fight off the chill of the nights travel. They explain the situation to the party and how the village has searched most of the surrounding countryside without sign of the boy. The cold weather and snow hangs heavy over everyone as they know the boy Jon isn’t likely to have survived a night outdoors, alone and ill-equipped.

One of the last places to look is a local cave called the Moaning Mouth due to the sound made by the wind that blows through the entrance. It is generally agreed that it is unlikely Jon would have gone there as it is avoided by everyone from the village. Barrath of Fortin, and Marrek of Andryn, the village Woodward and Reeve, both disagree that the cave should be searched. A peddler named Tarwal of Arcyen went missing from the town green sometime during the night before the last village market day and they feel this is not coincidence. They believe that without any signs of something foreign around the outskirts of the village, the Moaning Mouth is a likely den for something that might prey on people. If that fails to prove out, it might be time to start looking at someone within the village. No one states that though.

While the party is eating and listening to those that have gathered at the inn during the late hour, Kalas of Delsin begins to feel ill. The Ebasethe, Ryssi of Clan Chert, looks Kalas over and cleans the head wound suffered at the hands of the circus kife thrower back in Jedes earlier in the week. The wound looked to be infected. As the night continued on, Kalas developed a fever.

The next morning, it was decided to start looking for the boy along the banks of the River Tamor before heading to the Moaning Mouth. Kalas’s fever had not broken by morning and Ryssi insisted he stay at the Inn and rest.

There was no sign of Jon by the river and so the party made their way to the cave. It was a difficult climb down into the cave as the entrance was both steep and slick with mud. After about forty feet down a large chamber opened and provided a more stable footing. Before the group could move to far into the cave, they were confronted by the high pitched clicking and warning noises of what turned out to be a pair of Vlasta, also known as “the Eater of Eyes.” Small reptile / bird like Ivashu (monsters created by the god Ilvir at Araka-Kalai). These creatures are incredibly fast over short distances and can leap up to 20 feet. They are voracious carnivores and will attack even large animals if hungry or cornered. They are known to attack large victims by leaping at the face and eyes, trying to blind them, hence their name.

Despite their aggressive nature, the party managed to kill both. Their hollow bones broke easily enough once hit and their flesh did not turn aside Gorry’s spear or Lysha’s falchion.

After the creatures were dealt with, the party could hear someone screaming for help. After following the cries through the passages of the cave, the party found a hidden door that led to what appeared to be an old room of Khuzan origin. There they found Tarwal of Arcyen, the missing peddler and the boy Jon. The boy had been bound and his mouth gagged. Tarwal explained that he wandered to the cave on market day and became trapped inside after encountering the Eaters of Eyes. He had fled deeper into the cave and found the hidden room. The boy Jon showed up a couple of days ago and he managed to help the boy rush into the room before the creatures got him, but he has since grown severely irritated with the child’s crying and so he bound and gagged him.

Lysha found a wicked looking dagger and sheath inside of a locked trunk to which she obtianed the key from the peddler. Ryssi idenitified the knife as being associated with the evil god Morgoth. The blade was sheathed in a black leather scabbard with silver trim. An inscription in Lakise (the common Harnic script) reads “death to all.”

Tarwal became irrate after Lysha pulled the dagger from the chest. Lysha broke both of the peddlers shoulders with the pommel of her Falchion, effectively ending his aggression. The party then led the boy and the peddler back to the village, returning Jon to his parents and handing Tarwal over to Sir Hendrik.

The snow and cold did not prevent the village from turning out en mass at the Inn where a great celebration lasted long into the night. The party earned the respect of both Sir Hendrik and the villagers and were hailed as heroes.



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