12th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

Farewell Kalas

1st Watch Cool, Overcast, SW:4, 55+mph Heavy Rain
2nd Watch Cool, Overcast, SW:2, 15-30mph Heavy Rain
3rd Watch Cool, Overcast, SW:3, 30-55mph Heavy Rain
4th Watch Cool, Cloudy, SW:3, 30-55mph, Light Rain
5th Watch Cool, Clear, NW:2, 15-30mph
6th Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW,0, 0-5mph Thunderstorm

Kalas of Delsin passed sometime during the early morning hours of the 12th of Nuzyael, 720 TR.

Ryssi had come to check on him just before the dawn and found him lifeless in his bed. His eyes were open but fixed in what appeared to be a furious glare and his lips were twisted in a scowl. He had apparently died as he had lived.

Kalas’s body was wrapped in a sheet and Straken borrowed a small cart from Sir Hendrick to transport him home.

The party left soon after and headed west along the gibbets road. At Calsite, they were overtaken by the returning garrison from Jedes Keep from Hutop. The long procession included a wagon filled with the bodies of their own fallen. After speaking with the Light Horse LT., Straken told the party that it was indeed trolls that were encountered in the caves near Hutop. It turned out, there was an entire clan of trolls! They have all since been killed but the cost was heavy. Four from the Light Horse, and two from the Footmen made up the casualties from Jedes; that ontop of the horses lost. Five total. And then there was the injured that will be a long time healing.

To add insult to the injury, Straken learned that the Bailiff at Hutop, Sir Kodar Maradyne overturned Sir Shernath’s ruling on the arrested circus performers after hearing the circus master’s appeal. Sir Kodar is the Bailiff of Daynora Hundred and the deputy sheriff of Oselshire. With the death of Sir Merik Elendsa, brother of the King and Sheriff of Oselshire, Sir Kodar has been acting as sheriff. The King has yet to appoint his successor and control of Hutop is a potentially tricky situation. The Earl of Neph, who has no holdings in the south and leige of Sir Kodar, has let it be known that he would undertake responsibility for the office. The Earl of Balim, who holds Jedes and is leige of Sir Shernath, does not support this appointment. Straken belives that this is a shot across the bow and likely a move designed to please the Earl of Neph. Sir Shernath is likely to be enraged after sacrificing his men for Sir Kodar against the trolls. It would be wise to avoid the great hall once back at Jedes. On the brighter side of the situation, there are now four bunks permanently empty in the horse barracks.

The group travels the rest of the way back to Jedes with the returning soldiers. It is a solemn procession and conversations are held in low tones in the heavy rain.

It is market day on the 12th and even with the cold and rain, there is a good crowd in the village. As the soldiers pass through the gates of the wall into the courtyard of Jedes Keep, all business in the market comes to a stop as villagers and visitors from other villages pay their respects with silence.

The party is forced from their temporary bunks in the horse barracks and sent to sleep in the great hall for the evening. Straken watches from the shadows of the corner as Sir Shernath is given the news of Sir Kobar’s decision to overturn his ruling. Shernath explodes and Straken wisely ushers the group from the hall to the Fallen Tower Inn for a warm meal and drinks. There are several here from out of town for the market so all of the tables are full but Jestrin (the innkeeper) makes space at the bar and has his son fetch some extra stools from a back room.

The party leaves the inn just before the rains return. By the time the group is settling down for the night in the hall, the rains turn to a full blown thunderstorm.



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