13th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

A new adventure

1st Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW,2 15-30mph Thunderstorm
2nd Watch Cool, Clear, NW:3, 30-55mph
3rd Watch Cool, Clear, NW:1, 5-15mph
4th Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW,0, 0-5mph Thunderstorm
5th Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW:1, 5-15mph Thunderstorm
6th Watch Warm, Cloudy, SW:1, 5-15mph Thunderstorm

Ryssi arrives at the Keep Hall to summon the party to the Shrine just before the 3rd watch begins. She tells them that Father Harnis is very upset and that a very important relic has been stolen from the shrine sometime during the night.

The party questions Harnis and learns that the Shrine here in Jedes holds a special relic of Peoni. It is a strangely colored and oddly shaped green stone, said to have been touched by the goddess herself. The relic holds no special powers apparently, but it was given to Harnis by his father, also a Peonian priest, when he was assigned duty at Jedes. His father served at Novelim for years and held the relic there ever since Harnis could remember. His father has been dead five years now.

Harnis kept the stone in a nook cut into the wall in the central wall just behind the altar inside of the chapel. Muddy heavy boot prints led from the north door of the shrine directly to the nook in the wall. Similar prints in the thick mud were also found outside of the building alongside of the wall. There was no water in the heavy prints, suggesting that the relic was taken after the thunderstorm had ended. Gorrys managed to follow the tracks north to the docks along the River Kald. Uril of Tone, the local boatman, rowed the party across the river where they found a small rowboat hastily hidden on the north bank. Gorrys found tracks leading due north into the Kathel Hills. Before going any further, the group returned to the Keep to inform Straken of what they had found. After doing so, they were ordered to cross the Kald and pursue the thieves and retrieve the relic for Harnis. They were cautioned to not stray too far as the Kath are well known to travel the woods near the Salt Route and that Gargun are also known to sometimes be this far south in late winter and early spring. They were told that if they had not caught the thieves by the end of the third day, to return to Jedes rather than risk any more casualties this week.

The party gathered supplies for their short expedition and again had Uril take them across the Kald.

It was getting late in the afternoon by the time the party got their bearings and found the trail. The tracks they were following seemed to be made by two men wearing heavy boots. The tracks followed along the eastern bank of a south running creek that flowed into the Kald near where they had crossed. The men they were following didn’t seem to be very concerned with hiding their movements and so the tracks were easy enough to follow even as clouds gathered and thunder rolled in the distance.

The going was rough over the steep ground as they followed the creek north up to its source; a spectacular waterfall pouring from a spring inside of a deep draw in the hillside.

Darkness fell and the rains picked up as a significant thunderstorm finally arrived. The party pushed into the night following the trail as best as they could. Gorrys insisted the party pushed on as he felt sure they were gaining on their prey. It was a long night walking through thick brush that was only just starting to show signs of wanting to bud leaves despite the recent cold snap and snows.



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