9th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

9th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

Cool and overcast. Winds out of the Southwest. Heavy Rains from 1st watch through 3rd watch. Winds shifting from the North West at 4th Watch at 30-55 mph. Wind shifts from the north starting at 5th watch, bringing snow and 30 mph winds. NW winds at 6th watch and cold temperatures overnight.

- Sir Hendrik, Lord of Tamorlan returns to Jedes Keep sometime after noon. He says that upon his return to Tamorlan on the night of the 7th, he was informed that a local serf boy had been missing since that morning. The villagers are worried and they, along with what little force present in Tamorlan, have spent the last two days searching for the boy. With the disappearance of the Peddler Tarwal of Arcyen the week before, he is concerned and has turned to Sir Shernath for assistance. The Constable orders Shraken to send a group of guards to help in the search. Shraken orders you all to accompany Sir Hendrik back to Tamorlan to assist.
- Shraken asks Harnis to dispatch Ryssi to accompany the guards to Tamorlan in case medical care might be required.
- The only military forces in Tamorlan is Sir Hendrik, his Squire, Bors Orteyan (the 14 year old son and heir of the Lord of Yalen), two light footmen Sir Hendrik employs, and three Yeomen (all shortbowmen).



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