9th of Nuzyael, 720 TR Part 2

Part 2

9th of Nuzyael, 720 TR

The cold and overcast weather gives way to snow by the 5th watch. Winds are from the North at 15-30 mph. Eventually the snow stops blowing by the late hour beginning the 6th watch.

The party arrives in Tamorlan about an hour after the snow stops falling. It was a long and cold push down the Gibbets road. A mile outside of Jedes, the first of the gibbets marking distance along the road to Hutop appears. Every league after, another of the iron cages hang from either an erected pole or tree that has been deemed suitable. You didn’t see any criminals on display in any of the gibbets; most of the remains of those that might have been there had long decayed and been taken by the local wildlife.

Tamorlan -

Baliff: Sir Hendrik Poulty
Liege: Sir Shernath Mirdarne, Constable of Jedes

Tamorlan is a prosperous and busy village on the south bank of the Tamora River, the last settlement in Asolade on the main road running from Jedes to Hutop. It sits next to an ancient stone bridge which, as a consequence of its location, is the site of a royal tollhouse. Tamorlan is also home to the Verderers’ Hall and Court (the Verderers are a court within the Forest, authorized by the Crown and elected by the Hundred. They sit to hear cases of offences within the Sovereign’s Forest. They can deal with minor offences directly by fines but more serious cases were referred to higher courts. Sir Shernath generally attends)

The bridge, by far the best of those that cross the Tamora River, dates back to the Codominium and is rumored to be of Kuzhan construction. It consists of four stone arches between two high stone abutments. Stone parapets, three feet high and one foot thick, run along either side of the span. For most of its length the bridge is only eight feet wide between the parapets, too narrow for two carts or wagons to pass each other. The central pier, however, is larger than the others, and here the bridge widens to fifteen feet.
The tollhouse is manned by a paid royal official, who is assisted by two local yeoman as part of their feudal obligation. Residents of Tamorlan and Mowich are exempt from the toll, and all other villages in the hundred can access Jedes market without using the bridge. For outsiders and the miners at Tasinald, however, avoiding the toll bridge is extremely difficult. The bridge upstream leads only to Mowich, while the two bridges downstream require long detours along narrow trails, doubling or tripling the distance of traveling the main road. At the bridge at Asolade manor, moreover, the hundred baliff is duty-bound to charge a toll to “visitors”, defined as anyone not resident in the hundred.



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